Let Data Tell The Story

Retail Solutions

Let Data Tell The Story

Retail Solutions

by BeerBoard


The average bar loses 24 pints from every keg due to excess pours or comps/no rings.

With BeerBoard you will:

  • Track beer pours vs beer sold in real time and take action to cut your losses
  • Sync your taps and your menus instantly from your phone, and rotate your taps at any time
  • Merchandise your menu in outlet with dynamic digital displays, tablets, or print menus

Utilize data to know exactly how your brand or bar is performing:

  • Make fact-based, smart decisions to optimize your bar or business
  • Tap into the SmartBar Insights built from BeerBoard’s network of 50,000 draft lines in thousands of outlets and a database in excess of 35,000 brands
  • Powerful tools and simple, actionable reports deliver the industry’s best profits
  • One-touch input to standardize PLUs across multiple locations
Automate Inventory & Ordering

Fact: Average retail out-of-stock is 8%

  • Empty kegs are avoided, increasing sales
  • After manager reviews PO, send it directly to distributor via an
    EDI integration
  • Generate beer orders based on actual usage
  • Receive in POs to back-office system automatically
  • No more weighing kegs – SmartBar tracks on hand inventory levels, and reports the usage in real time
BeerBoard Menu

BeerBoard’s patented technology and database in excess of 35,000 brands makes it easy to:

  • Sync your taps with your print menu
  • Embed BeerBoard directly into your website
  • Never worry about the time and cost of updating your website again
  • Comply with current FDA nutritional rules quickly and easily (including calorie and nutrition information)

Brand owners and on-premise account operators benefit from:

  • Average sales increase of 10%
  • Promoted brands grow by as much as 90%
  • Highlighting your menu with dynamic digital displays
  • Featuring food, specials and events to retain customers and grow your revenue
  • On-demand sales, marketing and advertising space

Data tells the story. Ask us how.